Author: Dave Cross

Perl School is Awesome!

Alex Balhatchet came to Perl School 4 at the start of February. He has written a really positive blog post about his experiences. He even calls us “awesome”! We should probably find a way to incorporate that quote in our

Perl School 5 and 6 Announced

We’ve just confirmed the dates for the next two Perl School classes. We’ll be running Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class on April 6th and Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose on June 8th. Both classes will be held at Google Campus and,

Database Programming with DBIx::Class

Still a couple of months of this year to go, but it’s time to start thinking about Perl School courses for 2013. We’ve already arranged the first course. We’ll be running a new course called Database Programming with Perl and

Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose

We’ve just announced the next Perl School. It will be on Saturday 8th December 2012 at Google Campus. The subject will be “Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose”. The course introduces the Moose object system for Perl and explains

Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers

We’ve just announced a second run of our “Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers” training course. This course is aimed at programmers who use languages other than Perl who want to learn more about how Perl works and what makes Perl

Introducing Perl School

Perl School is a new initiative to bring low cost but high quality public Perl training to the UK (and, perhaps, beyond – watch this space). We’ll be running low cost Perl training courses every couple of months. Currently we’re